Allison’s Baby Quilt

Hello to all.

This is very new to me so hopefully my learning curve won’t be a long and windy one.

My first entry is going to be all about a baby quilt that my cousins asked me to make for their niece who is expecting her first child. (a girl)

Allison sent the following picture so that I could see where her interests lie on this quilt.


I was able to locate a Michael Miller hedgehog fabric, lots of great coordinating fabrics, and the exact quilt pattern shown center right in Allison’s picture.   I ran the ideas by my cousins and the project was a go!



Easy uncomplicated quilt patterns are sometimes the most appealing to me.  From my experience, today’s Mom is not into pastels, baby prints or pretty much anything that was “in” when I was a young mother.

With all my materials and ideas in place,  I was off and running and this baby quilt came together in a day.

Pieced top

But I wasn’t done.  It still needed something to make it special.

My daughter made me some artwork of two of the Michael Miller hedgehogs and together we converted them into an embroidery file.  I’m pretty biased, but she is one talented lady.  Check her out at or

Hedgie 1 and 2

With files in hand I added them to the quilt top and here is the completed pieced top.

With embroidery

This is where I am at the moment.  I will update once I quilt it and put the binding on.

Thanks for viewing my first blog entry and hope to see you again.

Best to all,

Jackie K.


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