Why didn’t I finish it sooner?

October 13, 2015 Update

I have decided to donate a different quilt to this fundraising event.  It is pictured in my blog post named Cassidy’s Quilt.

A text from my niece pinged my phone yesterday.  No pressure Aunt Jackie, but do you have anything to donate (quilt related) for a raffle to benefit a cute little 9 year old girl who is facing a battle with the Cancer Monster?

When is it needed I asked?  October 17th she texted back.  Yikes!  That is only 19 days away.

I want to help, but would never be able to start and finish a decent sized quilt in that short time span. I want to give them something that will sell a fair amount of tickets, so that it would raise some money as intended.  A little baby quilt did not fit the bill.

Then it hit me.  I have decided to finish one of my WIP’s (works in progress).   I had a lot to choose from and decided to finish this one called “Let it Snow”  I picked up this beautiful kit last summer during the “Row by Row experience” at

http://pumpkinpatchquilts.com in Lee Massachusetts.

Let is Snow

It is flannel and will be nice and warm to wrap up in when the cold winter hits us here in the Northeast.

From this experience, I hope to learn a valuable lesson.  To actually finish things to the very end before stashing them away and forgetting about them.  It’s so rewarding to be able to donate something to help others.

So thank you Cathy for texting me and getting me moving.  I hope that it will be a very successful fundraising event.

http://purefitwebster.com  http://saintlouisschoolwebster.org

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.55.51 AM

Here is a picture of the completed quilt.

Let it Snow


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