I live in Massachusetts and it has been a very dry summer.  So dry that everyone’s lawns are prematurely brown.

Why Mother Nature is trying to make up for that in one short week is beyond me.

What does one do when it’s ugly outside?

Work on something that is unfinished that’s what.

Today I will be trying to finish Allison’s baby quilt.

I didn’t quite purchase enough backing fabric, so I will have to piece it, but that is not the end of the world.  So today I will hopefully get it pieced, sandwiched, and maybe start on the quilting.

I’ll be back.  🙂

It’s a day later, but I’m back as promised.

The back is pieced, and now I move on to sandwiching and then quilting it.21322185674_e8d2cd5502_z copy

Today I am doing some quilting.

21979232011_f23527a543_z copy

Monday night update.  I have finished quilting Allison’s baby quilt and have attached the binding.  I’ve just sewn on a small portion of it but it’s going to be really cute.

21794745759_331250e981_z (1)


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