Lazy Sunday

I had good intentions this morning, but didn’t accomplish nearly what I had hoped today.

I’m working on a very easy 55″ x 55″ quilt top.

I’ve even been too lazy to take a picture of my progress, so that will get posted here at a later date.

The top is complete, but once again I have to piece the backing.  I’m using leftover fabric, so that is to be expected.

I expect that I will get back to it in the morning.  The game plan is to piece the backing, sandwich the quilt, and begin the quilting.  I would like to have this completed, binding and all by Thursday.

Fingers crossed.

It’s 8:20 AM  Monday morning now.  Time to get started. 🙂

I’ve done well this morning.  The backing is pieced, the quilt is sandwiched and pinned and I am ready to take it to the machine to begin the quilting.

I’ve even taken some pictures.

They are from left to right:  The sandwiching begins. ~ The pinning is a breeze when you have the right tools. ~  All pinned and ready to quilt.

21491804653_c0c7e33ff7_z (1) 22100363142_3908bd3a57_z 21925980009_7063f25f70_z


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