Swoon Sixteen

I ordered this kit http://www.hancocks-paducah.com/s.nl/sc.1/category./.f?search=Moda+Bonnie+and+Camille+Hello+Darling+Swoon+Sixteen+Quilt+Kit+74+x+74

on sale from http:/http://www.hancocks-paducah.com at the end of August 2015.   At the same time I ordered the 5 yards of fabric needed for the backing of the quilt.

The backing came in in a timely manner, but the quilt kit was backordered.  Oh woe is me.  I wanted to get started on it and now I had to wait.

It obviously was a very popular kit, because it took just short of two months to make it to my home.

On Monday October 19th it was delivered to my doorstep.  Tuesday October 20th it looked like this.22173832948_5dfbf33fc8_z

920 cuts including the binding, but not counting the sashing and borders.  Phew, was my hand tired.  There are 57 pieces in each 16-inch block.

True to form, I got the entire quilt top completed minus the borders by Thursday the 29th of October.  I worked long and hard each day until it was put together.


I have a busy morning ahead of me today but I hope to get the borders on before the end of the day.  When all is said and done this quilt will measure 74″ x 74″.

Here it is.  Now I need to quilt it.  22017271324_73ec41b1c0_z

I have decided to do an all over meander/stipple stitch to quilt this. I have quilted 9 of the 16 blocks and I am happy with my choice.


It is completed and I am happy with how it turned out.



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