Lou won’t be cold this winter

I’m in the process of making a flannel rag quilt for Lou’s bed.

I cut 88 ( 9″ x 9″ ) squares from about 10 various flannel fabrics and 88 (9″) square of the same flannel for the back of the blanket.  The batting  squares were cut to 8″ square.  The finished blanket will measure approximately 64″ x 88″, depending on how much it shrinks when I wash and dry it.

I sandwiched all 88 squares, sewed an X across each piece and began to think about the layout of the squares.  My quilt is to be 8 squares wide by 11 squares long.  I didn’t want too many darks or too many lights in the same area.  I wanted a scattered look.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.47.59 AM

I now have 7 rows sewn and attached to one another.  I’m beginning to think about all of the clipping that I will have to do very soon in order to rag this quilt.  That is the worst part, but the end result is very cool.


If all goes well, he will sleep under this blanket tomorrow night.  A welcomed friend in Massachusetts in December.

Update:  I finished it in time for him to sleep under it last night.  He loved it and that makes me happy.




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