Too many unfinished projects to handle

It’s the reason that I don’t make resolutions.  I have this HUGE habit of starting things and sometimes taking years to finish them.

I think I get bored with one thing and move onto another.  I have convinced myself that it keeps me sane.  Ha ha.  Others around me are not so convinced.

I recently purchased a few of the Westalee rulers for free motion quilting on a domestic home machine.  I turned my practice samples into pot holders and will try to sell them in my Etsy shop. View my shop here

Here is a sample of what I have been doing lately.   Pillows and Potholders.  I’m having fun, but I also am thinking that I should move onto something that will aid in decreasing the size of my works in progress.

This month is brought to you by the letter P.  LOL

Gold copy

Gray quatrafoil.jpg


Fox & Hedgehog ~ 1 copy.jpgPillow 1.jpg18


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