Gypsy Wife Quilt

This is my Gypsy Wife Quilt designed by Jen Kingwell.  It measures 59″ x 68″.

I used scraps from my HUGE pile to make this and it was a labor of love.  It took me a while to put it all together and to do the quilting on it, but I ended up loving it so much that I started two more quilts by Jen.  The second one is called “Long Time Gone and is going to be a colorful scrappy quilt also.  The third one will be made using more subdued scraps and that one is called “Delilah”  More information to come on those as they progress further.

Gypsy Wife copy

The quilting was intended to be simply ditch work and straight line quilting, but then I purchased some domestic machine quilting rulers by Westalee and decided to try my hand at them on this busy quilt.  I finally had to stop myself.  Enough is enough.  LOL

This quilt had no real intended purpose.  I just enjoy doing them and it fills my day.  I had decided that I would put it on Etsy and see if I could sell it.  (I have not been very successful selling quilts on Etsy so far.)  I usually post my finished work on Facebook for my friends to see so that is what I did.  Almost immediately one of my friends said that she wanted to buy it.  I was thrilled.  We made arrangements and now she is the proud owner of “Gypsy Wife”

That is it, for now, friends.  Time to get to my sewing machine.  She’s calling me.


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